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Aromatherapy: A Series

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Like a message in a bottle, an essential oil is like a message to our brain. When we inhale the vapor of an essential oil, or a scent from a candle, our body's limbic system is stimulated. The limbic system, found in our brain, is what controls our emotions, memories, and arousal.

Have you ever smelled something and immediately been taken back to a feeling or memory? This is your limbic system at work. Certain odors make us feel certain things, and can even bring forth memories associated with those odors. In part for these reasons, essential oils have been used widely throughout history for their health benefits and mood elevating properties.  Most of us use essential oils and candles as a means of stress relief or to combat anxiety. You’ll find that this is what we’re going for with the scents found in each of our craft candles. 

Just as you may enjoy the therapeutic aromas released from our candles, we find relaxation in the candle making process. That is to say, our candles help us—and you—unwind, or dare we say, Unhinge. It’s a win win! Follow our aromatherapy series to learn more about the oils behind your favorite scents and share with us how you Unhinge.

x Rachel S.

To learn more about the author, check out her bio on our About Us page! For more on how essential oils affect your limbic system, check out this article. Stay lit, Unhinged Fam!

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